Environmental Policy

Energy Policy
We are proud of our large solar field on premises that provides power to our hotel and restaurants. We are reducing our consumption of energy from the grid and going green throughout our hotel. Your stay with us is a guilt free experience.

Reduce & Reuse
We save soap bars and un-used portions of shampoo and other products. The are put through a process that turns them into soap bars. These bars are sent to third world countries where they are distributed free of charge, mostly to children. We are very happy to support this cause through the Clean the World organization.


Clean the World is a social enterprise dedicated to the mission of saving millions of lives around the world while simultaneously diverting hotel waste from landfills. Clean the World operates soap recycling centers in Orlando, Las Vegas and Hong Kong, and leads an effort to distribute recycled soap and hygiene products from more than 2,400 hotel and resort partners to children and families in countries with a high pre-adolescent death rate due to acute respiratory infection (pneumonia) and diarrheal diseases (cholera)—which are two of the top killers of children under the age of five. Since 2009, more than 23 million bars of Clean the World soap have been distributed in 99 countries.