Environmentally Friendly Hotels in NJ

Environmentally Friendly Hotels in NJ

At Ramada Vineland, it is our goal to be not only a great place to stay, but also to be regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly hotels in NJ. We believe protecting and sharing the earth that we all live on, and that’s why we take a number of steps to reduce energy consumption and waste.

Ramada Vineland was the first hotel of the esteemed Wyndham group to be solar-powered in NJ. Our facility is powered by a three-acre solar farm located nearby, that provides the power for most of our daily functions and enables us to reduce consumption of energy from the local grid.

Our solar farm features a 500 kW solar system and ground-mounted solar photo voltaic panels, and it produces enough power to run as many as fifty households per year. Our solar farm enables us to avoid wasting over 800,000 lbs. of carbon, over 4,500 lbs. of sulfur and over 1,500 lbs. of nitrogen annually.

Also, like other environmentally friendly hotels in NJ, we employ a “reduce and re-use” policy that takes unused portions of soap and shampoo and other products, recycles them and sends these products to third world countries free of charge, where they can be used by disadvantaged people, especially children.

Ramada Vineland stays active in the Clean The World organization to accomplish these goals and other initiatives. The Clean The World Foundation is dedicated to taking hotel products that would otherwise be wasted in landfills and using them to save lives throughout the world. Their soap recycling centers are based in Orlando, Las Vegas and Hong Kong, and they have diverted over 23 million bars of soap to over 99 countries with a high child mortality rate from diseases like cholera and pneumonia. You can learn more about Clean The World here.

Ramada Vineland is very proud of our efforts in both solar energy and recycling, and we hope to remain a leader of environmentally friendly hotels in NJ. You can rest assured in your stay with us that we’re doing what we can to keep our planet green.