Menantico Ponds Fish and Wildlife Management Area

Menantico Ponds Fish and Wildlife Management Area

We recommend you enjoy the scenic views you’ll find along the Menantico Ponds Fish and Wildlife Management Area. During your visit to the area, embrace the rustic scenery and take a look at the winding paths that guide you through these enriched woods. At nearly 300 acres, this site is available for guests who would like a gentle stroll, a cruising canoe or kayak, or from the comfort of a car. We encourage you to take pleasure in sharing an amazing space with all kinds of species that inhabit the The Menantico River and Ponds. In these waters, you’ll find numerous federal and state endangered and threatened species from birds to fish and plants. These clusters of freshwater ponds are the result of extensive sand mining that is still prevalent in some bayshore’s rural communities.

No matter what time of year, these lands offer a beautiful landscape fit for those visiting the area for rest and relaxation.

In the winter seasons, winter raptors are as ubiquitous as they are fascinating. Birds like sharp-shinned Hawk prey on smaller winter residents, like the White-throated Sparrow or Yellow-rumped Warbler. In the spring, before the lily pads start to peak their faces and the unique large-mouthed bass can be seen, see dozens of Osprey and an occasional Bald Eagle find their way to the ponds to do some fishing themselves. Common Yellowthroat, Prairie and Pine Warblers nest here and can be heard singing throughout the spring. Waterfowl, especially the American Black Duck, make homes here as well.

However, this WMA is best explored via canoe or kayak during the summer. Be on the lookout for basking red-bellied and painted turtles, forest wildflowers and a plethora of nesting birds on the islands of land that rest between the ponds. A tip? Visitors who stay here during the week should be able to avoid other outdoor recreation enthusiasts that would normally be found on weekends. When with us in the fall, take in the crisp fall air and scan the impoundments for early arrivals of wintering waterfowl and search the stretching orange evening skies for Bald Eagle and Turkey Vulture. At the Menantico Ponds Fish and Wildlife Management Area, life meets luxury during your stay with us.

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