Millville Army Air Field Museum

Millville Army Air Field Museum

If you are a fan of military history or an aviation buff, the Millville Army Air Field Museum is a must visit attraction. Millville was home to the nation’s first defense airport in the 1940s war years, and is today the home of a museum that is home to many fascinating exhibits and hosts occasional air shows. The Millville Army Air Field Museum is located at the Millville Airport, just minutes from NJ Routes 47 and 55.

In August of 1941, Millville’s Airport was dedicated as “America’s First Defense Airport”, by our local, state and federal government. Soon later, the Millville Army Air Field, a gunnery school for fighter pilots, opened on the grounds. Over a three year period, close to 1,500 pilots received their advanced fighter training in the Republic P-47 “Thunderbolt”. Many of this nation’s heroes trained and died there, and many more went on to serve our country in World War II and in later wars.

Exhibits at the museum include: a A4D/A-4F Skyhawk, a maneuverable and lightweight attack bomber that could fly at 677 MPH; a Navajo Code Talkers exhibit that tells the story of the Marine Corps using Navajo as a code language to ensure communications security; and the Women With Wings display, sharing the tales of women who were trained to fly military aircraft to enable male pilots to take on combat duty, and many more displays of American aviation heroism.

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The Millville Army Air Field Museum is a must see for military and aviation enthusiasts…let the Ramada Vineland make it a great ending to a great day. Contact us here for rates and reservations.