The Woodruff Museum Of Indian Artifacts

The Woodruff Museum Of Indian Artifacts

If you are a history buff and take an interest in artifacts, and if you have an interest in Native American history, it’s well worth your time to visit the Woodruff Museum of Indian Artifacts, found in the Public Library of Bridgeton, NJ.

The Woodruff Museum of Indian Artifacts features close to 30,000 pieces of Native American relics from the Lenni Lenape tribe, including 25,000 arrowheads that have all been found in South Jersey. The arrowheads include Folsom points that are 10,000 years old, Iron Stones that go back 5,000-8,000 years, and bifurcate and Quartzite arrowheads that are also thousands of years old.

Other fascinating pieces in the Museum include axes over 1,000 years old, gorgets used by women to tie back their hair, cooking utensils, fishing bobs, and the skull of a dog found at the feet of a skeleton preserved in a burial ground. You can also view carefully reconstructed pots from shattered pieces, assembled by the late Howard Ratcliffe, who was known as the “Grandfather” of local Indian artifact collectors in South Jersey.

Most all of the Museum’s pieces are from the personal collection of the late George J. Woodruff, who founded the Museum with Ratcliffe’s assistance in 1976. It’s a fascinating display of life on the continent thousands of years ago, with helpful tour guides providing the background to the visuals.

The Woodruff Museum of Indian Artifacts is only open from 1-4 PM on Wednesdays, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly, or call the Bridgeton Library to schedule a visit any other time.

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